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The Returned Sailors Soldier's Imperial League of Australia (R.S.S.I.L. of Australia) was formed in 1916 to take care of those returned servicemen and women from WW1 and their families.

The United Returned Soldier's Fund (URSF) was formed in 1920 to continue the work of caring for those retuned service personnel. The founding members of the URSF were:

• The Returned Sailors Soldier's Imperial League of Australia
• Limbless Soldiers Association NSW
• T.B. Sailors Soldier's Association NSW

The URSF was first located within the ANZAC Memorial. They conducted the Poppy Day Appeal throughout NSW when the majority of the funds for their ongoing support was generated. Tokens were packed and shipped to the URSF affiliated RSL sub-Branches to raise funds for veterans and their families. The funds generated were distributed as follows:

RSL sub-Branches retained half of the proceeds for the purpose of assisting local cases and the balance was divided equally between:

• The R.S.S & A.I.L.A
• Limbless Soldiers' Association NSW
• T.B. Sailors Soldier's Association NSW

Funds became the lifeblood of the member associations and enabled them to continue their tireless work for those returned from war and required further assistance not available from the government.

The tradition of supporting those ex and current serving members of the ADF continues to this day. URSF recently ceased as an association and forwarded its programs to RSL WBI to operate a new fundraising department, 'RSL Appeals NSW'.

This online merchant is located in Australia and is operated by The Returned and Services League of Australia (New South Wales Branch).

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